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IPRdaily was founded in June 2014, is a new media with intellectual property rights as the core of the integrated service agencies, is committed to creating the world's most influential intellectual property cooperation platform.

After a year of rapid development, IPRdaily has grown into the field of media platform, domestic IP mobile Internet communication has become the first media, and with the field of intellectual property information service provider and the first mining industry's most influential brand of new media.

Media advantage

IPRdaily overall business is divided into two parts of the intellectual property media platform and service platform. Specific services include: professional business information services, network advertising services, integrated marketing services, offline activities, etc..

IPRdaily legally owned official WeChat (micro signal IPRDAILY), more than a dozen WeChat group, the official website ( http://www.426.cn and http://www.iprdaily.com)And the other (audio and video) professional information platform has more than ten million subscribers, can promote seamless, full coverage of the professional fields, the precise target population, highlighting the value of enterprise products.

IPRdaily professional news reports, and has a wide range of audience coverage, industry credibility, customer acceptance is high, it is very suitable for precise positioning of the specific areas of the user oriented marketing, to meet the intellectual property industry innovation and entrepreneurship needs of the company all kinds of publicity.

IPRdaily has accumulated rich content editing, platform operation and marketing experience, formed a professional and stable management and business team, and has a complete set of the content editing, review articles, information service platform, to promote, market development, and then to the service flow mechanism of the line activities. IPer community now has 14 classes (more than 2000 people), covering agent services, legal services, patent operation services, consulting services, information services, data services, training services, etc..

Innovation model

IPRdaily has a clear and accurate positioning of the media development strategy. IPRdaily the survival strategy of professional media is located in the most of the needs of the population to spread the most valuable content. With the perspective of the new media to carry out the Internet communication, reduce the professional barriers, with easy to understand the expression to achieve the promotion of news products, enhance the majority of entrepreneurs and demand for the acquisition of intellectual property information efficiency. Under the guidance of this development strategy, IPRdaily has made a rapid breakthrough in the number of subscribers, only one year to achieve a 4 times higher than the traditional media to 5 times the growth of.

IPRdaily depth mining fan customer potential. Different from traditional media, IPRdaily was born in the era of mobile Internet and big data, followed by Internet plus pace, significance and operation means well versed in fans economy, since its establishment has accumulated more than ten million level groups of fans, covering almost the entire circle of IP. And such a large fan base can be used as information dissemination megaphone, further development to become the market potential future customers.

IPRdaily to expand social service space. The IPRdaily led the formation of the Dong Hui (IPR CEO CLUB), is a global intellectual property industry's top private invitation club, which covers the world's leading experts in intellectual property rights, management and operation of the capital level. Relying on the media and members of the board of directors of the collaborative knowledge, create a more influential intellectual property cooperation platform, the service will be landing into the intellectual property law, finance, operations, training, investment, agency and other services to be integrated, pushing for going out of Chinese enterprises escort.

classic case

In August 2015, IPRdaily successfully held the first China intellectual property innovation and entrepreneurship competition, with a large number of new fast red entrepreneurs in the industry, the first concern of up to more than 30 investment institutions and participation. Different with other previous entrepreneurship competition is the reform and innovation of the contest to focus more on the business model of intellectual property services, aims to create innovative atmosphere, stimulate innovation vitality, boost innovation and entrepreneurial success. The competition has achieved good economic and social effects.

Sponsored by the IPRdaily 2015 global intellectual property ecological conference held in December 2015 in Beijing, china. The scale of the meeting 500 people, unprecedented. The conference to "rising force" as the theme, around the "common concept of connection - innovation - cooperation - the future", held the top intellectual property industry summit dialogue organization "Internet plus" era of intellectual property legal services, intellectual property management, intellectual property investment and intellectual property services and other forums special topics and debate, extensive discussions and the full development of the global intellectual property industry.

Industry influence

All kinds of conferences, forums and activities sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Rights authorities, industry associations and large organizations, often invite companies to participate in the company as a partner. Domestic industry cutting-edge company was established to publish or product line, most companies will choose the media as the platform of choice for foreign propaganda.

In October 19, 2015, during the first national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation activities week "activities, with the help of the angel exchange business service platform, IPRdaily was selected for the management of project roadshow activities" theme exhibition ", as the outstanding entrepreneurial projects on behalf of the video in the form of acceptance of prime minister Li Keqiang. The activity has a high social influence, the company has received extensive attention from all walks of life, received a good economic and social effects.

The future, the company will be IPRdaily as the starting point, to the media, training, talent headhunting, integrated marketing and offline activities to support services, to broaden the media coverage, expanding global influence, and constantly improve the service platform. The goal of IPRdaily is to redefine the intellectual property services in the way of the Internet by means of the Internet!