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The second IPRC intellectual property innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
What can bring to the players? (distinguished from other competitions):
1, the industryThe guidance of expert instructors in the field of Technology
2, through the contest better publicity to show their products, technology, projects, increase exposure, to find more partners (IPRdaily new media to do intellectual property support);
3, free of charge to the top 50 finalists of the project, as investors in technology project risk control reference; clear understanding of their own technology makes the entrepreneur's status, and understanding of the technical fields of patent experts, more and better protect their own innovative technology;
4, dig out the quality of technology, patents, to help them in the patent operating platform show, contributed to the technical transaction, patent licensing, transfer of cash;
5, a number of patent operational funds to participate in the competition, so that the project can get more technology and patent financing opportunity, patent pledge loan financing; and risk investment institutions (focusing on Technology in the field of venture capital docking, to obtain financing opportunities).
Contest purpose:
SupportManagement and intelligent manufacturingBetter combinationScience and technology + intellectual property + Finance; provide more resources and funding for science and technology innovation enterprise more, make enterprise real value innovation, emphasis on technology development, a new cognition on the protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises; at the same time, let the real innovation no longer sleeping patents into funds, and like any other asset pricing shares can help enterprises better. The money to finance, better development;Let enterprises and venture capital to re-examine the value of innovative technology.
IPRdailyAs the intellectual property rights of intellectual property brings together cutting-edge media.Industry expertsProducts for the projectTechnical patent analysis and carding guidance,To make the product better protected.

Project submission:zhouhaifeng@iprdaily.com

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